Saturday, 8 March 2008

The future of SocSciBot3

Although SocSciBot3 seems to be quite stable and work well (apart from some language issues and problems crawling Flash/javascript/java links) the long term plan is to stop supporting it and switch to SocSciBot4. SocSciBot3 is written in VB6, and SocSciBot4 is written in the newer dot net development environment and is designed to be more user-friendly and more easily compatible with Windows Vista. My suggestion is to try using just SocSciBot4 but if SocSciBot4 does not work for crawling, use SocSciBot3 for crawling and SocSciBot4 for analysis. Most (but not all) SocSciBot3 Tools functions are now in SocSciBot4 and SocSciBot4 also has a network drawing package and is faster with some of the analysis.


RK said...

I am a novice user in SocSciBot3 package. I found that in the FAQ, the questions about SocSciBot3 tools and Cyclist were not answered.

Mike Thelwall said...

Hi - the answers should all be there but some of the links to the answers are broken. I'll fix the links but for now, please scroll down the page to find the answers.

naouel said...

I'm trying to edit a pajek file in SocSciBot3 matrix operations menu. but it stops with error: input past end of file. could you pls help. thanks

Mike Thelwall said...

You could try to manually edit the file by loading it into Windows Notepad perhaps? Alternatively, it could be that the file is broken or there is no data in it. If these ideas don't solve the problem, please email the Pajek file to me.