Saturday 8 March 2008

The future of SocSciBot3

Although SocSciBot3 seems to be quite stable and work well (apart from some language issues and problems crawling Flash/javascript/java links) the long term plan is to stop supporting it and switch to SocSciBot4. SocSciBot3 is written in VB6, and SocSciBot4 is written in the newer dot net development environment and is designed to be more user-friendly and more easily compatible with Windows Vista. My suggestion is to try using just SocSciBot4 but if SocSciBot4 does not work for crawling, use SocSciBot3 for crawling and SocSciBot4 for analysis. Most (but not all) SocSciBot3 Tools functions are now in SocSciBot4 and SocSciBot4 also has a network drawing package and is faster with some of the analysis.

Welcome to the SocSciBot3 Blog

Please post any bugs or problems you have with SocSciBot3 here - these will help other users to know of any problems and the problems will eventually be picked up and solved by me. Please also feel free to respond to any other users' problems if you know of a solution.